Mesa Top Products available on Beneficial Farm CSA webpage

Our products at Mesa Top Farm include eggs, produce, grass fed beef, cheese, and milk. We also sell fresh organic turkey during the Thanksgiving season.

About Our Eggs:

Mesa Top Farm produces the highest quality, best tasting eggs- our hens are fed locally-grown organic grain and are raised without Pesticides or Herbicides, GMOs, Hormones, or Antibiotics.

Our eggs are the product of years of on-farm research to re-establish small flock egg production as a feature of the farms and ranches of the Southern Rockies. Our farmers are dedicated to providing their chickens with the healthiest, most human living condisions possible. We hatch and raise our heritage breeds of chickens, who live the lives of birds! They have full access to the outdoors, sunlight, fresh air, and water. Regionally grown grains and seeds comprise nearly their entire diet.

Eggs from small flocks, fed the purest feed, are the tastiest and freshest eggs you can buy. Your purchase of Beneficial Farm Eggs is an investment in healthy communities. Beneficial Farm Eggs are available at farm distributions, and at The Marketplace and Whole Foods.

In recent years, we have focused our on-farm research efforts on ways to use wheat from the Northern New Mexico Organic Wheat Project. Our experimentation has been so successful that now over 75% of our chickens diet consists of New Mexico Organic Wheat, wheat field screenings, and millings bi-products.

Ungraded eggs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and exemplify the commitment to diversity and sustainability in agriculture of the farmers who produce them.